today I learned:

  • the first mcdonalds drive-thru was opened near a military base to serve soldiers who weren’t permitted to get out o their cars while wearing fatigues.
  • russia is suspected to have at least 15 secret cities. these “closed cities” are officially classified by the government, with their names and location unknown, appear on no maps, with no road signs that will direct you to them, and visits from foreigners are strictly prohibited.
  • while making guys and dolls, marlon brando repeatedly and deliberately flubbed his lines in one scene because it forced rank sinatra to continuously eat cheesecake, a dish sinatra hated.
  • after fighting, giraffes have gay sex.
  • hangover bonus: a sloth’s digestive system is so slow that it can starve to death on a full stomach.

2 thoughts on “23/02/13

  1. jenaloves says:

    Noticed you changed it from Today M Learned to Today We Learned, good call!

  2. mauisgreen says:

    thanks! thought it was more appropriate 🙂

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