today I learned:

  • it would take 76 eight-hour work days for the average person to read the terms and conditions they agree to in a year.
  • when yao ming played his first game in miami, the heat promoted the game by passing out 8,000 fortune cookies. yao wasn’t offended, because he had never seen a fortune cookie, assuming it was an american invention.
  • it costs $65,000 to climb mount everest
  • there is a violin made out of stone that is fully playable (WAT)

because I’ve been lazy/a real person multiple bonuses:

  1. the hall of fame boxer sugar ray robinson backed out of a fight because he had a dream that he was going to kill his opponent in the ring. after a priest and a minister convinced robinson to fight, he went into the ring and killed his opponent, jimmy doyle.
  2. the first mooning in recorded history was in 66 AD, where a roman soldier mooned jewish pilgrims on their way to jerusalmen, causing a riot, an over-response by the roman military, and the death of thousands.
  3. when cats blink slowly at you, it’s a sign of affection referred to as a “cat kiss” (CATS CAN GIVE REAL AFFECTION?!)
  4. tina fey didn’t lose her virginity until she was 24, when she met her husband. awesome.

2 thoughts on “04/03/13

  1. Christine says:

    AND they understand when you return the “cat kiss”. đŸ™‚

  2. mauisgreen says:

    ohh! an important addition! (not that humans don’t already bow at the feet of cats. including me….SIGH!)

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