today I learned:

  • there’s nothing inherently necessary or technical in the microwave popcorn bags that you buy at the grocery store. you can actually make microwave popcorn in a brown paper bag with regular kernels and save a ton of cash.
  • the name “7-up” came from the fact that lithium’s atomic mass is 7. lithium citrate used to be an ingredient in the drink, and is known to alleviate depression and stabilize mood (in fact, lithium is still the most common treatment for people with bipolar disorder). it was removed, though, in 1950.
  • dave grohl is the drummer in all three tenacious D albums.
  • dolphins’ healing capabilities are incredible. in fact, they can heal from extreme injuries such as shark bites, and regenerate their original body shape rapidly. just one more reason to believe dolphins are better than humans. and are maybe aliens. or god. either or.

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