today I learned:

  • in 2008, the dutch voted “swaffelen” as the word of the year. it means to smack one’s penis repeatedly against someone or something.
  • the tv show archer is written by one writer.
  • fetivus was created in 1966 by readers digest editor, dan o’keefe, as a name to give his first date with his wife. years later, his son became a writer on seinfeld and festivus became what we know it to be now.
  • newman’s own (a company that makes grocery items) donates all its profits to charities, which is over $350 million since 1982, and still pays taxes 🙂

2 thoughts on “19/03/13

  1. Matt Chamois says:

    Can I just add a tiny little bit to the last part. Newman’s Own was created by Paul Newman, the great actor. Not only did he own Newman’s Own, he also owned an Indycar team that always had charitable intentions and he was one of the largest contributors to the Ronald McDonald House initiative.

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