today I learned:

  • while in the army, mr. t was given the punishment of chopping down trees, but wasn’t told how many he had to do, so he single-handedly chopped down 70 in 3 and a half hours.
  • the founder of alcoholics anonymous advocated the regular use of LSD to aid recovering alcoholics.
  • doctors’ green scrubs help them see better in the operating room. since green is on the opposite side of the colour spectrum, it can refresh their vision of red things. it also prevents distraction from “green ghosts”, an after-effect illusion from focusing on red colours.
  • sesame street in negeria has their own version of the cookie monster name zobi the yam monster. since not many nigerian children have access to cookies, the producers decided to give zobi an insatiable craving for one of the country’s stable foods. he often shouts, “me eat yam!”

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