today I learned:

  • thinking things like “I could drive straight into oncoming traffic and kill us all” or “I could drop this baby and she would certainly die” is totally normal and called “intrusive thoughts”. people who aren’t able to understand that these are normal thoughts and are their ego rather than “them” may even develop psychological issues.
  • more psychology: mirrors placed near elevators make the wait seem more tolerable. ’cause you get to look atchoself. and you like it.
  • if you fail your drivers license practical test three times in switzerland, you have to go to a psychologist to explain why you failed.
  • swear words (da naughty words) are processed separately in your brain from regular speech, and have actually been shown to reduce pain. but, I mean, in the interest of not having everyone walk around swearing every time they bite their lip, I’m sure “fudge” and “poop” can be just as offensive and hard-hitting in the right contexts…..yes?

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