today I learned:

  • it is believed that some (if not all) of the crew of the challenger disaster survived the explosion and instead were killed when they hit the water after falling for almost 3 minutes.
  • army ants are used as “natural sutures”….their jaws are so powerful, natives would (and still do) staple wounds by forcing ants to bite them and then breaking off the body.
  • jeremiah clarke, an english composer, couldn’t decide whether to commit suicide by hanging or drowning himself, so he flipped a coin. it landed on its edge in the mud, so he went home and shot himself instead.
  • the US death penalty is, on average, 10 times more costly than imprisonment.
  • in the movie scott pigrim vs the world (represent!), edgar wright wanted to use the music from the legend of zelda. to get permission, wright sent a clip of the film and wrote a letter to nintendo describing the music as the “nursery rhymes to a generation”. he was successful.

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