today I learned:

  • there is a 4 year old hippo and a 130 year old tortoise in a kenyan wildlife preserve that are best friends. they sleep and play together.
  • the game of thrones is filmed in the same studio that the titanic was built in– not the movie, but the actual RMS titanic.
  • the book ‘zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance’ was rejected by 121 publishers and then sold 5 million copies worldwide (great book, by the way)
  • a man won the right to a retrial as members of the jury used a ouija board to contact the victims
  • johnny depp adopted the one-eyed horse that played ichabod crane’s steed, gunpowder, in sleepy hollow to save him from being put down.
  • japan has over 50,000 people that are over 100 years old.
  • if humans were capable of hearing frequencies lower than 20 hz, we would hear our muscles moving.

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