today I learned:

  • there is a pizza place in alaska that delivers by plane.
  • professional porn actors are 80% less likely to have an STD than members of the public of the same age.
  • the white house functions like a luxury hotel, and at the end of each month, the president receives a bill for his food and incidental expenses.
  • martha stewart ended a relationship with anthony hopkins after seeing him in the silence of the lambs, as she was unable to dissociate him from his character, hannibal.
  • daniel day-lewis hasn’t appeared on stage since 1989, after he played hamlet and claimed to see the ghost of his own father during the performance.
  • ladies may be attracted to promiscuous (read: slootey) males because that would increase her future sons’ breeding successes, a phenomenon known as the “sexy son hypothesis”. mmm. ain’t nuttin’ like a sexy son…

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