today I learned:

  • mars candy corporation (the makers of snickers, three muskateers, milky way, twix, etc.) have cut down the size of the chocolate bars by 11% this year….referring to it not as cutting size, but “cutting calories”
  • from 9pm to 12am, netflix accounts for 33% of all bandwidth in north america
  • in 2006, the FBI planted an informant in a south california mosque who pretended to be a radical muslim. the muslims at the mosque reported him to the FBI.
  • the “da vinci rule of the trees” (all branches of a tree put together are equal in thickness to the trunk) appears to be true.
  • carl sagan was not an atheist, stating “an atheist is someone who is certain that god does not exist, someone who has compelling evidence against the existence of god. I know of no such compelling evidence”

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