today I learned:

  • the 1938 labor law giving protection to working children doesn’t include agriculture. because of this, approximately 500,000 children pick a quarter of the food produced in the US.
  • in 1943, three belgian men held up a train and set 200 jews free, using only one gun and some wire cutters.
  • children who speak mandarin are far more likely to have perfect pitch because of tone association with words. also, one word can have up to four different meanings depending on its pitch.
  • taser is short for “thomas A switf’s electric rifle”
  • lady gaga once bought $1000 worth of pizzas for fans who were waiting in line to see her.
  • magnesium can be very effective in treating anxiety, as many people are deficient in it. the supplement has been shown to be as effective as meds, and includes other positive side effects (better sleep, for example!)
  • a group of sloths is called a ‘bed’ of sloths. how fitting.

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