today I learned:

  • there is a weight limit for donating your body to science (300 pounds is the limit. I swear I saw some big bods at the “bodies” exhibit, though…)
  • in 2008, norway knighted a penguin.
  • the “pinky promise” originally meant that if the person didn’t keep their promise, their pinky finger would be chopped off. FAIR IS FAIR AMIRIGHTYAFREAKOS?!
  • in europe, until the 17th century, teenage boys were routinely masturbated by their nannies to get a good night sleep. how kind.
  • katt williams is the father of eight– one biological son and seven adopted children.
  • albert einstein would appear to women in a silk bathrobe and would have it “accidentally” pop open….he would then make a move depending on the woman’s reaction.

One thought on “01/05/13

  1. babsie says:

    Einstein….nice work, why didnt I think of that.

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