today I learned:

  • when pete conrad (astronaut and shorter than neil armstrong) stepped onto the moon during apollo 12, his first words were “whoopie! man, that may have been a small one for neil, but that was a long one for me”
  • 90% of all adoptions in japan are adult adoptions (men in their 20s-30s). this is mostly because business leaders want to ensure they have a son to take over their business.
  • ben cohen, the co-founder of ben and jerry’s icecream, doesn’t have a sense of smell. because of this, he compensates for his lack of taste by adding big pieces of fruit to the icecream, successfully satisfying his need for texture in food.
  • there is a mountain in australia named mount disappointment. it was named so, because the explorers found the view from it “sub par” and wanted its name to reflect that.
  • in 2004, an elephant charged and killed a mother and her child, then proceeded to bury the bodies before leaving the scene.
  • ernest hemingway took a urinal from his favourite bar and moved it into his own home, arguing that he had “pissed away” so much of his money into that urinal that he owned it.
  • fred armisen (from SNL and portlandia) was once a member of the blue man group.
  • if you have 23 people in a room, there’s a 50/50 chance two people have the same birthday, if there are 57 people, there’s a 99% chance.
  • steve jobs had a highschool GPA of 2.65 
  • the CEO of abercrombie & fitch went on record saying he doesn’t want “fat or unattractive people” wearing his clothes nor does he want them to be employed at his company. oh, and by the way, he’s not the most attractive bloke himself

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