today I learned:

  • frank zappa was approached by a crazed fan with a gun. zappa then persuaded him into walking with him and others to a nearby lake. he then persuaded everyone to start throwing things into the water, including the crazed fan, who threw in his gun.
  • putting hemorrhoid cream on your chest and waist can make you appear more muscular. the cream draws water from the skin and reduces swelling, which is why some bodybuilders/fitness competitors use this technique.
  • a lost wallet is more likely to be returned if it contains a photo of a baby. in one study, 88% of wallets containing a baby photo were returned, followed by wallets with a photo of a puppy (53%), family (48%), and an older couple (28%). only 15% of control wallets were returned.
  • smokers actually cost the healthcare system less because they usually die earlier.
  • it was believed that if a man had no gag reflex he must be gay. in some cases, if a man admitted to being gay in the military but gagged when tested, he wasn’t released.
  • the 5 permanent members of the UN security council account for 67% of all global arms exports.
  • the ahmadiyya muslim community collected 11,170 pints of blood (that’s enough to save 30,000 lives) in honour of the 9/11 victims 🙂

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