today I learned:

  • the word “oxymoron” is an oxymoron. the greek word “oxy” means “sharp” and “moron” means “dull”
  • chimps deliberately seek out and eat fire ants, presumably to enjoy their venom in the same way we enjoy spicy food
  • freddy mercury was so ill with AIDS when he recorded “the show must go on” that brian may didn’t think he could do it. mercury slammed some vodka, said, “I’ll fucking do it, darling” and killed it in one take.
  • back in 2011, julian assange called Facebook the “most appalling spying machine that has ever been invented”
  • hitler orchestrated what was the most powerful anti-smoking movement in the world during the 1930s and early 1940s
  • octopus eyes don’t have a blind spot and evolved separately from vertebrate eyes, an example of convergent evolution.
  • martin sheen has been arrested 66 times for protesting and “acts of civil disobedience”
  • students with the highest GPAs score lowest on measures of creativity and independence, and highest on measures of punctuality, delay of gratification, predictability, and dependability.
  • the 15 largest commercial ships in the world create as much pollution in a year as every car on the planet.

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