today I learned:

  • during the filming of “superbad”, mclovin (christopher mintz-plasse) was required by law to have his mom on set during the sex scene because he was only 17 years old.
  • women are twice as likely to try to commit suicide as men, but men are four times more likely to succeed.
  • “rosie the riveter”, the woman that appeared in the WWII “we can do it” propaganda posters quit her job after only two weeks as a welder because it was too dangerous.
  • in 2008, warner music group was collecting over $5,000/day in royalties for public usage of the “happy birthday” song. they have been known to charge up to $10,000 for usage of the song in film. this is also why restaurants have their own birthday songs when you visit.
  • babies exposed to sign language babble using their hands the same way others do with their mouths
  • a customer closed his account in a bank with more than a million dollars in it after they refused to validate his parking
  • the “pink ribbon” associated with susan g. women was ripped off from a “peach ribbon”, created by grassroots breast cancer activist charlotte haley. she refused to let her design be commercialized by self magazine– who then consulted their lawyers and were told to “just change the colour”
  • on april 15th, 1912, a steward who hadn’t yet heard about the titanic sinking spotted an iceberg smeared with red paint and snapped a photo
  • egypt isn’t the country with the most pyramids. sudan is, and they have approximately 255 of ’em.
  • the world record for alcohol consumption is by andre the giant, who drank 156 beers in one sitting.
  • in 2008, there was a music festival called “festival of the fuck bands” where bands such as “fucked up”, “holy fuck”, and “fuck buttons” performed. oh, and it was held in fucking, austria.
  • when dr. seuss was stuck writing his books, he and his editor would go to a secret closet filled with hundreds of hats and wear them until they thought of something to write about.

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