today I learned:

  • the difference between a road and a street, is that a road runs between two distance points– two towns, for example– in each of these towns, you’ll find streets (paved roads lined with houses and other buildings). Streets, then, are only applied to urban roadways. Streets connect people for interaction– roads connect towns and cities for travel.
  • bagpipes weren’t invented in scotland, but in ancient persia.
  • tear gas is actually banned internationally, but since it doesn’t apply to domestic law, police officers pretty much everywhere still use it.
  • 30 years ago yesterday, joe delaney, NFL running back, died trying to rescue 3 children from drowning…because he couldn’t swim.
  • alec baldwin donates all the money he makes from capital one commercials to charities and arts organizations.
  • if you know me, you probably already know this… but bonobos, one of our most closely related primates, are rarely found in zoos because they constantly have sex (both oral and genital) with each other regardless of age or sex.
  • sloths can swim 3 times faster than they can move on land, and can hold their breath for up to 40 (!!) minutes!!! game-changer!!!
  • 12 african nations have come together since the 70s to build a 9 mile wide band of trees that will stretch all the way across african (4750 miles) in order to stop the progressive advancement of the sahara.

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