after a long break, I am back and ready to start sharing daily knowledge. feel free to share this blog to anyone you feel may be interested, I’d love to reach as many curious minds as possible! also, thanks for being so patient. here’s a e-pat-on-the-back for that. feels good, yes?

today I learned:

  • the longest prison sentence ever requested was 384,912 years in jail. why? because a 22 year-old postman didn’t deliver 42,768 letters. SUPER FAIR RIGHT.
  • women endure the spontaneous swelling of the clitoris during sleep/when waking up. this is equivalent to “morning wood” in males. that’s right. ladyboners all around.
  • astronomers have spotted the oldest and most distant galaxy ever….THIRTY BILLION LIGHT YEARS AWAY. that’s like, really far guys.
  • coffee was so influential in turkish culture that the turkish word for “breakfast” literally translates to “before coffee”, and the word “brown” translates to “the colour of coffee”. in western culture, the word for “brown” came from the latin word for “poop”. hahaha. just kidding. silly westerners.
  • louis c.k’s initials, c and k, aren’t actually initials. his real last name is szekely, which is pronounced “see-kay”, so he changed his name to louis c.k to make it easier for people to say.
  • hydrophobic sand. check this shit out.
  • hand warmers are filled with iron, and the heat comes from the process of the iron turning into rust when exposed to oxygen.
  • hospitals keep a supply of beer for alcoholics in case they go through withdrawal (which can be deadly). some hospitals even have beer cans with prescription labels.
  • christian bale cites the mannerisms of tom cruise as his inspiration for patrick bateman in american psycho. I can see that.
  • there is a species of fungus from the amazon that feeds on PLASTIC. it can live on plastic alone, and can do so without OXYGEN, potentially leading to new techniques for bioremediation. THIS DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD CONTINUE THE IRRESPONSIBLE BUYING OF PLASTIC THINGS PLZ.
  • utah is on track to end homelessness by giving each homeless person an apartment and access to social services through their housing works program. awesome.
  • early protestants objected to priestly celibacy on the grounds that it promoted masturbation. according to martin luther, “to say it crudely but honestly, if it doesn’t go into a woman, it goes into your shirt”.



2 thoughts on “03/01/14

  1. Glen Perrott says:

    So glad you’re back at it again!

  2. mauisgreen says:

    glad to be back 🙂

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