today I learned:

  • after stephen colbert called windsor, ontario, “the earth’s rectum”, the CBC made a poll on their website asking if the description was good for the city. 85% said yes.
  • ladybugs are extremely promiscuous. as a result, they have the highest rate of STDs among insects. not so much ladies now are we, girls?
  • there are more public libraries than mcdonalds in the US. win 1 for the world.
  • as a first lady, eleanor roosevelt only allowed female journalists at her press conferences, which ensured that newspapers would have to hire women.
  • in professional shooting, alcohol is actually considered to be a performance enhancing drug, since shooters can drink it to relax themselves, slowing their heart rate, giving them an edge. after the first few drinks, though…
  • as recently as 2008, china had elementary schools that were entirely sponsored by big tobacco companies. one in sichuan had a message at the front gate that read, “tobacco can help you become an achiever”. right. it sure can.
  • oskar schindler became virtually destitute (pas de cash or help) after the war after trying to raise chickens in argentina. for the rest of his life, he survived off gifts and donations from the jewish people he had saved during the war. karma, friend đŸ™‚

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