today I learned:

  • napoleon wasn’t actually short– he was actually taller than average. the idea that he was short was a result of british propaganda.
  • the co-creator of the simpsons, sam simon, has terminal cancer and intends to leave most of his fortune to animal charities and feeding the hungry once he passes.
  • the rhinoceros party was a registered party in canada during teh 1960s-1990s, led by cornelius, a rhinoceros, and promised to repeal the law of gravity and change canada’s currency to bubble gum so it could be inflated and deflated at any time.
  • german chocolate isn’t actually german; it’s just named after an american chocolate maker named sam german who developed the dark chocolate originally used in the recipe.
  • ben franklin wasn’t trusted to write the declaration of independence- it was feared he’d put a joke in it.
  • tim harris is a man with down syndrome who owns and runs a restaurant in albuquerque called “tim’s place”. it’s the only known restaurant owned by a person with down syndrome. plus, he’s won more olympic medals than michael phelps (at the special olympics), and he is AWESOME.

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