today I learned:

  • castrated men live around 13.5 years longer than normal men due to the lack of testosterone.
  • in 1970, a protest group broke into a draft board office by slipping in during the day and taping a note on the door: “please don’t lock this door tonight.” they returned that night to find that the staff had obediently left the office open. nice.
  • nintendo consoles tend to be less powerful than other consoles because nintendo uses a business strategy called “lateral thinking with withered technology,” which essentially means they believe that video games don’t always have to use the latest technology to be the most fun. they’re right.
  • paul mccartney only agreed to be on the simpsons episode “lisa the vegetarian” if she remained a vegetarian the rest of the series.
  • nelson’s middle name in the simpsons is “mandela”
  • george lucas wanted tupac to play a jedi for star wars: the phantom menace in 1996. he died before his audition and was replaced in 1997 when production began 😦
  • the sonic boom created by a bullet is a strong enough shock wave to kill bacteria. WOAH.



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