today I learned:

  • mark wahlberg had committed 20-25 crimes by the age of 21. these included throwing rocks at a bus full of black schoolchildren and knocking a vietnamese man unconscious (and blinding another). he was also addicted to cocaine by age 13. whaddaguy.
  • freud liked cocaine so much that he would give it to friends and family as a gift. soniceomg.
  • in the beginning of iron man, tony stark’s captors are revealing the entire movie plot in a language called urdu
  • there is a cognitive bias called the ikea effect, in which people “place a disproportionally high value on products they partially created.
  • the first man to finish the 1904 olympics marathon rode in a car most of the way. the winner was carried across the finish line after ingesting poison. fourth place took a nap en route. one of the two first black olympians came in ninth after being chased a mile off course by wild dogs. safe to say it was far more eventful than olympic marathons today…

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