today I learned:

  • the man who invented the candy life savers had a son who committed suicide by jumping off a ship 😦
  • a 2012 study in east germany was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 who believed in god. woah.
  • in 1770, the british parliament banned lipstick because it could “seduce men into marriage”, which was considered witchcraft. oh yeah, magic is clearly the cause. not beautiful female bodies, lady charm, or any of the other many qualities women can have. nawwww.
  • when the creation museum opened in kentucky, a plane flew over with a banner that said “thou shalt not lie.”
  • scientists have produced glow in the dark cats, as a part of AIDS research. HOW DOES THIS EVEN RELATE. (ok, so I figured it out. and by that I mean a wonderful internet mind has: the common way to show that you can make a transgenic animal is to show you can insert GFP, which makes the animal glow green under UV light. if you can do that, you can do anything else you want. the reason HIV researchers would want to use cats is because cats have a disease similar to HIV, FIV. the common animal models for HIV research are chimpanzees, which are ridiculously expensive and come with a whole slew of ethical issues, monkeys, which have the same issues as chimpanzees but are a little bit cheaper, and transgenic humanized mice, which express a human immune system proteins instead of mouse ones. the mice are cheap, but suck at modelling HIV before it becomes AIDs. the cats represent a new genetic model that have a disease pattern similar to HIV, a lot cheaper than non-human primates, and with fewer ethical constraints–although believe me, there are plenty)
  • in 1913 it was legal to mail children. like, actually mail them. in the mail. WITH STAMPS attached to their clothing, accompanied by letter carriers.

….I love you

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