today I learned:

  • sir ian mckellen, broke down an cried whilst filming ‘the hobbit’ because he had to film with a just a green screen instead of with other actors, he said “this is not why I became an actor”. him and patrick stewart can cry all they want; they will forever be the manliest of men.
  • tropicana orange juice is owned by pepsico and simply orange by coca cola. they strip the juice of oxygen for better storage, which strips the flavour. they then hire flavour and fragrance companies, who also formulate perfumes for dior, to engineer flavour packs to add to the juice to make it “fresh.” always delivering the upmost quality of drinks guys, thanks.
  • oranges grown in tropical countries remain green even when ripe. to attain the orange colour, they are either exposed to ethylene gas or dyed.
  • legendary author kurt vonnuget (slaughterhouse-five, cat’s cradle), a lifelong cigarette smoker, dubbed his habbit “a classy way to commit suicide.”
  • all olympic curling stones are made of a rare type of granite that is only found on a tiny island in scotland.
  • mose from the office is the co-creator of parks and recreation. woooooah!
  • cocaine increases that chance of having a heart attack within the hour by 2,400%
  • two men claimed to have been abducted by aliens with carrot-like faces and lobster-claw hands. the local sheriff left them alone and secretly recorded them, expecting a hoax to be revealed, but they continued to discuss the events with each other as if they were terrified. therefore, aliens with carrot-like faces and lobster-claw hands exist. your nightmares will thank me.
  • kim jong il’s official biography listed, among his achievements, a 38 shot round of golf, ability to control weather, he never needed to poop and was credited with inventing the hamburger. wow, kimmy, you’re sewww dreamy. no poop in that colon? oh, baby..
  • mosquitoes survive being hit by a raindrop, even though it is 50 times their weight and would be like a bus hitting a human. this is the “highest ever recorded acceleration that animals have survived.” sometimes I wish my skeleton was on the outside, too. that moments passes pretty quickly after falling on ice.
  • kim peek, the inspiration for the movie rain man, was a savant born with significant brain damage who has read over 12,000 books and remembers everything he’s read in them. he reads two pages at once, one with each eye, and remembers it all. he’s pretty incredible.

One thought on “28/01/14

  1. tyler says:

    Kim Jong in has transcended pooping! Give it a try! He also injected All of his bodyguards with morphine since he had to be on it and didn’t want the only one addicted! I bet he is carrot face too.

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