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today I learned:

  • here’s a photo of alexander graham bell and his wife mabel in nova scotia in 1898 (!!)
  • when asked what his IQ was, stephen hawking said “I have no idea. people who boast about their IQ are losers”. SO TRUE. especially those who have IQs below 140. which is my IQ by the way. and for all those who say the IQ test is super ethnocentric and argue that there is no actual definition for intelligence widely agreed upon among people, you’re wrong. and your IQ is probably like, 100 or something. so AVERAGE OMG. (I’m just kidding. pretty sure if I took the test I’d be pretty average. WHICH PROVES THAT THE IQ TEST SUCKS!!!!!! hahah. just kidding. I just suck at math)
  • paper can be recycled six times. after that, the fibres are too weak to hold together.
  • a seattle man known for his frugality left a $187.6 million trust to charitable causes upon his death. 40% went to pediatric research even though he never had children of his own. amazing.
  • the playboy bunny outfit was the first service uniform registered with the united states patent and trademark office
  • the guy on the right is so shocked he becomes a teapot. hahahaha. IT’S A FACT.
  • two muslim men were kicked off a flight because of their traditional attire. they were heading to a conference on islamaphobia. now THAT’S some good/terrible/good(?) irony right there.
  • gram for gram, chocolate frosting is more nutritious than nutella.
  • a woman in tulsa, OK was in a walmart for over six hours building a meth lab……what. she….what.
  • timelapse of a glass building. woah.
  • here’s a bunch of gifs you’ll have a hard time stepping away from… 

I love you and all that stuff.



today I learned:

  • denmark recently banned ritual slaughter, saying “animal rights come before religion”
  • for those who have trouble sleeping researchers say that one week of camping, without electronics, resets our biological body clock and synchronizes our melatonin hormones with sunrise and sunset.
  • conan o’brien follows only one person on twitter, a randomly chosen fan (sarah killen) who, since being followed in 2010, has gone from 3 to 138k followers
  • scientists have found that african elephants get distressed when they see others in trouble, and they reach out to console them—just as we do when we see someone suffering. we humans are not so high and mighty, if you really look into it. at least, we’re not so different from the rest of the animals on this earth. truly.
  • the immaculate conception is a catholic doctrine about how mary was conceived, not about how jesus was conceived in mary. as a person raised in catholicism and who went to church every sunday for the majority of my life……….this is news to me.
  • at the 1912 olympics, a marathon runner quit and went home to japan without telling officials and was considered a missing person in sweden for 50 years. in 1966, he was invited to complete the marathon. his time: 54 years, 8 months, 6 days, 5 hours, 32 minutes and 20.379 seconds. better than I’d do…
  • the kong dog toy is based on part of a volkswagen bus suspension that the creator’s german shepherds loved to play with
  • there are 24 times more empty houses in the united states than homeless people.
  • there are coffee houses in russia where food and drink are free but you pay for time.
  • tasmania has approved a motion to permanently ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone born after the year 2000
  • in the late 90s, saddam hussein commissioned a quran to be written in his own blood. now, muslim leaders aren’t sure what to do with it–to write the quran in blood was a sin, but to destroy it would also be a sin. what a beautiful catch-22.
  • in billy madison, adam sandler really hit the children hard during the dodgeball scene. the quick cuts weren’t to make it look like he was throwing hard, it was because the kids were crying afterwards. sandler’s pitch for the idea? “hurting kids is funny.” so, sandler’s kind of a dick………here’s the scene.
  • to finish off, here’s some illustrations a dad made of the ridiculous things he’s said because of his children. it’s cute. NOW HAVE A BEAUTIFUL DAY OR I’LL FINDJYA AND MAKEYA.


today I learned:

  • first and foremost, there’s a protest happening in venezuela right now and the media isn’t allowed to cover it. started out as a student protest. isn’t ending well. inform yourselves! AAAAND ONTO HAPPY(ier) THINGS!!
  • in 2006, a norweigan coach gave a ski pole to a canadian, allowing her to go on to win a silver medal. we (canadian citizens) were so touched we collectively gave him 5.2 tonnes of maple syrup. hahahaha. man, I can’t think of a better canadianesque gift. we’re awesome.
  • adidas will cancel a deal with a player if he belongs to any organization that represents the principles of scientology.
  • in 2004, 39% of survey respondents said they have ‘not much’ confidence in the media’s accuracy and fairness, while 16% say they have ‘none at all.’” in 2012, gallup reported that distrust of the media had risen to 60% having little or no trust in the media, aaand in 2013, only 1 in 4 american respondents say they trust the newspaper/news. I’m not surprised.
  • the blue whale is not only the largest animal alive currently, but is likely the largest animal ever to have lived. this kind of BLUE my mind. ok, so yeah, that was a pretty terrible pun. not even at all cerebral. I’m sorry.
  • british passengers on the titanic died in disproportionate numbers because they queued politely for lifeboats. I figure the canadians must have thrown themselves off the boat when no one was looking so they didn’t make other people feel bad…
  • here are some pictures a cancer survivor took of her hair growing back when she finished chemo treatment. super rad.
  • after being denied the rights to use “another one bites the dust” for rocky III, sylvester stallone hired survivor to write an original song instead, which turned out to be “eye of the tiger”.
  • by analyzing the faces of olympic medalists after their events, a peer-reviewed study found that silver medalists feel worse, on average, than bronze medalists. silver medalists feel unlucky, while bronze medalists feel lucky.
  • highlighters are typically yellow because it is the color that doesn’t leave a shadow on the page when photocopied.
  • aaaand finally, here are 166 documentaries (with links and everything!) that will help “expand your consciousness”. even pictures the crown chakra symbol in there. what a perfect choice. so at least click on one and learn a couple things. ’cause there are so many documentaries. AND THEY’RE TOTALLY NOT BORING. you’re reading my blog, therefore you must enjoy learning to a certain extent. camaaannnn. do it. just one. then another.. (and then repeat).

love you all. have a really wonderful valentine’s day, whether you spend it with a loved-one or yourself, who should also count as a loved-one. definitely what I’ll be doing 🙂


today I learned:

  • the #3 cause of death in america – behind heart disease and cancer – is medical mistakes.
  • this is what a hydrogen explosion looks like inside a soap bubble.
  • the reason airplane bathrooms still have ashtrays is because of an FAA decision that some people will still smoke on an airplane even though it’s not allowed, and when they do there needs to be a safe place to put their cigarette butt.
  • [if you know me, this will be old news…but…] bonobos are a relative of chimpanzees (and of us!) that have developed a ridiculously peaceful culture because of their incredibly frequent sex including their use of sex as a greeting, a means to form social bonds and as conflict resolution. they’re not found in zoos for this exact reason.
  • there is a skyscraper in New York City with no windows. that architect should be sternly talked to.
  • there is a prison in brazil that allows inmates to pedal stationary bicycles– providing electricity in a nearby city–in exchange for reduced sentences.
  • the sperm from a single ejaculation contain about 1.5 TB of total information. WOAH.
  • the record for highest number of orgasms by a woman in an hour is 134. the record for a man is 16. we may still be marginalized, but hey, I’m happy to be a woman.
  • in 2013, A brazilian woman laced her vagina with poison so that oral sex would kill her husband. OK. so, yeah, I have some commentary on this one. FIRST OF ALL WHY WOULD YOU PUT POISON IN YOUR VAGINA. that will kill you, you silly, silly, SILLY!!!! lady. secondly, you’re killing your husband who gives you oral sex enough that you’re going to put the poison in your vagina?! WHAT!!!!! and thirdly– and this is only because I looked up the story because I felt it could be fake for obvious reasons– YOU DESIRED TO KILL A MAN WHO CALLED AN AMBULANCE BECAUSE HE SMELLED SOMETHING STRANGE DOWN THERE AND WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU. so, let’s sum this up, shall we? you risked your own life to kill a man who clearly cares about you and gives you oral sex on a regular basis. I’m on his side, case closed, goodbye.


today I learned:

  • until the 1770s, western civilizations considered kangaroos mythical beasts, with “the head of a deer, standing upright like a man, and hopping like a frog . . . sometimes with a second head on its stomach.”. to be fair, they are pretty weird-lookin’.
  • martha stewart dated anthony hopkins, but couldn’t continue doing so because she was unable to separate him from his character, hannibal lecter. I guess she’s not turned on by face eaters. what a weirdo.
  • on game day, the cowboys stadium uses more electricity than all of liberia. I don’t suppose they’re using solar power, mm? 😦
  • gold medals for the 2014 olympics will have bits of russian meteorite. frig, now I want one. I shoulda signed up for one of them easy olympic events. like bobsledding as one of the middle guys. they don’t do anything, right?
  • 85% of married obese people who have gastric bypass surgery end up leaving their spouse within 2 years of surgery. woah.
  • a new study published in the american journal of public health found that the legalization of medical marijuana is associated with an 10.8% and 9.4% reduction in suicide rate among men aged 20-29 and 30-39 years respectively.
  • penguins’ legs are longer than they look and they actually have knees. look at them. JUST LOOK AT EM!

be well, lovely people.