today I learned:

  • the #3 cause of death in america – behind heart disease and cancer – is medical mistakes.
  • this is what a hydrogen explosion looks like inside a soap bubble.
  • the reason airplane bathrooms still have ashtrays is because of an FAA decision that some people will still smoke on an airplane even though it’s not allowed, and when they do there needs to be a safe place to put their cigarette butt.
  • [if you know me, this will be old news…but…] bonobos are a relative of chimpanzees (and of us!) that have developed a ridiculously peaceful culture because of their incredibly frequent sex including their use of sex as a greeting, a means to form social bonds and as conflict resolution. they’re not found in zoos for this exact reason.
  • there is a skyscraper in New York City with no windows. that architect should be sternly talked to.
  • there is a prison in brazil that allows inmates to pedal stationary bicycles– providing electricity in a nearby city–in exchange for reduced sentences.
  • the sperm from a single ejaculation contain about 1.5 TB of total information. WOAH.
  • the record for highest number of orgasms by a woman in an hour is 134. the record for a man is 16. we may still be marginalized, but hey, I’m happy to be a woman.
  • in 2013, A brazilian woman laced her vagina with poison so that oral sex would kill her husband. OK. so, yeah, I have some commentary on this one. FIRST OF ALL WHY WOULD YOU PUT POISON IN YOUR VAGINA. that will kill you, you silly, silly, SILLY!!!! lady. secondly, you’re killing your husband who gives you oral sex enough that you’re going to put the poison in your vagina?! WHAT!!!!! and thirdly– and this is only because I looked up the story because I felt it could be fake for obvious reasons– YOU DESIRED TO KILL A MAN WHO CALLED AN AMBULANCE BECAUSE HE SMELLED SOMETHING STRANGE DOWN THERE AND WAS WORRIED ABOUT YOU. so, let’s sum this up, shall we? you risked your own life to kill a man who clearly cares about you and gives you oral sex on a regular basis. I’m on his side, case closed, goodbye.

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