today I learned:

  • first and foremost, there’s a protest happening in venezuela right now and the media isn’t allowed to cover it. started out as a student protest. isn’t ending well. inform yourselves! AAAAND ONTO HAPPY(ier) THINGS!!
  • in 2006, a norweigan coach gave a ski pole to a canadian, allowing her to go on to win a silver medal. we (canadian citizens) were so touched we collectively gave him 5.2 tonnes of maple syrup. hahahaha. man, I can’t think of a better canadianesque gift. we’re awesome.
  • adidas will cancel a deal with a player if he belongs to any organization that represents the principles of scientology.
  • in 2004, 39% of survey respondents said they have ‘not much’ confidence in the media’s accuracy and fairness, while 16% say they have ‘none at all.’” in 2012, gallup reported that distrust of the media had risen to 60% having little or no trust in the media, aaand in 2013, only 1 in 4 american respondents say they trust the newspaper/news. I’m not surprised.
  • the blue whale is not only the largest animal alive currently, but is likely the largest animal ever to have lived. this kind of BLUE my mind. ok, so yeah, that was a pretty terrible pun. not even at all cerebral. I’m sorry.
  • british passengers on the titanic died in disproportionate numbers because they queued politely for lifeboats. I figure the canadians must have thrown themselves off the boat when no one was looking so they didn’t make other people feel bad…
  • here are some pictures a cancer survivor took of her hair growing back when she finished chemo treatment. super rad.
  • after being denied the rights to use “another one bites the dust” for rocky III, sylvester stallone hired survivor to write an original song instead, which turned out to be “eye of the tiger”.
  • by analyzing the faces of olympic medalists after their events, a peer-reviewed study found that silver medalists feel worse, on average, than bronze medalists. silver medalists feel unlucky, while bronze medalists feel lucky.
  • highlighters are typically yellow because it is the color that doesn’t leave a shadow on the page when photocopied.
  • aaaand finally, here are 166 documentaries (with links and everything!) that will help “expand your consciousness”. even pictures the crown chakra symbol in there. what a perfect choice. so at least click on one and learn a couple things. ’cause there are so many documentaries. AND THEY’RE TOTALLY NOT BORING. you’re reading my blog, therefore you must enjoy learning to a certain extent. camaaannnn. do it. just one. then another.. (and then repeat).

love you all. have a really wonderful valentine’s day, whether you spend it with a loved-one or yourself, who should also count as a loved-one. definitely what I’ll be doing 🙂

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