today I learned:

  • it’s likely that there are 5-10 times more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all of the worlds beaches. BUT!!!! (seriously, holy), a single grain of sand has MORE ATOMS THAN THERE ARE STARS IN THE UNIVERSE. yeah. take that in. bathe in it. love it.
  • here’s a gif of some elephants being reunited after 20 years in the circus
  • the last letter george harrison ever wrote was to mike myers, telling him that he was a huge fan of austin powers. go canada.
  • when the nazis told a greek orthodox priest to deliver a list of all 285 jewish folk in his community, he burned the list and gave them his name instead.
  • in the early 90s, a younger bill nye appeared on the seattle sketch show, “almost live”, and corrected the host’s pronunciation of gigawatt (the host didn’t say it with a hard “g”). the host replied, “who do you think you are– bill nye the science guy?” AND THE REST HIS HISTORY, FOLKS. I wish I had a microphone to drop.
  • This is what tilt-shifted container stacking looks like.
  • a man noticed his food going missing so he set up a webcam and found that a ghost had been eating elaborate meals in his home 3 times daily. hahaha just kidding. a woman had been living in his closet for a year
  • nintendo has so much money that they could run a deficit of over $250 million every year and still survive until 2052.
  • here is a DIY popcorn maker. I feel poorer and less hungry already.

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