today I learned:

  • harvard earns enough money on interest from its endowment that it could offer free tuition to all students and still make profit on the interest. oh, money. you can be so evil sometimes.
  • here are 36 of the most ironic moments ever.
  • researchers have recently found that mice actually fear men, but not women…which could really blow over decades of scientific research on those rodents. though, I would personally argue that we should quit using them for “science” all-together…. 😦
  • Isabella, a golden retriever, takes care of white tiger cubs that were rejected by their mother. the mother apparently was just a “bad mom”, and sucked at it. what a good pup!!
  • in the fall-out with don king, mike tyson discovered a fan-club that had been hidden from him for years. among the fan letters was one from a boy dying of cancer, asking for a phone call. mike called immediately, but was a year too late. he broke down and cried.
  • here is the number of new planets discovered in 2014.
  • it is safe to eat the stickers that are on fruit, and the glue used to put them on is actually food grade.
  • here is katy perry’s first and last attempt at crowd surfing
  • according to a japanese poll in the year 2000, the japanese believe that their best invention of the twentieth century was instant noodles.
  • seth rogan paid the bills and was the main wage earner of the family by the age of 16.
  • future king henry V was struck in the face by an arrow in his first battle leading soldiers. rather than leave the field, he reportedly stated that “he would rather die than stain his soldierly reputation by flight.” he was sixteen at the time.
  • here are some psychedelic gifs of the 19th century. (WOAH).
  • US eggs would be illegal in a british supermarket because they are washed. british eggs are illegal in US markets because they’re unwashed. also, unwashed eggs stay good a lot longer. hmmm.
  • keanu reeves has a private cancer foundation to help children’s hospitals and cancer research, but he does not attach his name to it. he also has spent over 5 million dollars to help his sister in her fight against leukemia. I love this guy (though, I think attaching his name to the foundation might bring in more caaashhhh)
  • a man thought to be in a vegetative state is able to tell scientists that he is not in pain. “we have scanned him several times and his pattern of brain activity shows he is clearly choosing to answer our questions. we believe he knows who and where he is.” this….is terrifying.
  • here is a ridiculous and hilarious anti-theft suitcase from the 1960s.
  • on 9/11, canada commenced operation yellow ribbon, in which it landed 239 U.S.-bound flights with 33,000 passengers in Canadian airports. Entire communities went on to provide the passengers with food and housing. my people ❤
  • seniors and handicapped folks in singapore can use their pass to have more time to cross the road. this is brilliant.

and, of course, a reminder that I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!


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