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today I learned:

  • the US government was engaged in talks about developing a “gay bomb”. the theory was the bomb could discharge female sex pheromones on the enemy forces to make them sexually attracted to each other…..  …..development was stopped when researchers determined it was impossible. well, safe to say none of them were queer in any way… JUST KIDDING. they definitely were, and were likely massively uncomfortable with that reality, ’cause of tightly-held beliefs and stuff. y’know, same old.
  • during the production of borat, they never washed his suit. it smelled awful and this was done to add another layer of discomfort for anyone coming in contact with him.
  • there is a term to explain why ignorant people tend to boast confidence in spite of being wrong and wiser people ofter have doubts about their knowledge : dunning-kruger effect. I do this ALL THE TIME. and OBVIOUSLY I KNEW THAT TERM ALREADY FRIG DON’T EVEN QUESTION ME JEEZ 
  • henry ford hated jews and believed they started WWI for profit. what. don’tbuyfords.
  • a falkirk wheel in scotland. it friggin lifts boats, guys. BOATS.
  • finland has the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world. while sweden and norway have only 27 heavy metal bands per 100.000 inhabitants, finland boasts double as much, 54 bands per 100.000. 666.
  • here’s some information on ET races. the article describes “good” and “bad” guys, but I would argue they aren’t to be feared– any of ’em. some just have different intentions, perhaps. but make up your own mind 🙂
  • the lemon is actually a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron. WHATEVER THOSE ARE.
  • humans actually knew the earth was round as early as 2500 years ago. eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the planet to an astounding accuracy of around 99%.
  • a smart cat.
  • “fuck your ancestor to the eighteenth generation” is a chinese insult, due to the high respect for one’s ancestors. crazy, eh? a culture that ACTUALLY respects ancestors and older adults?! TODAY I LEARNED, RIGHT?!
  • the illusion of memory“, by allan watts. that beautiful mind– what a great teaching!
  • wayne’s world was filmed in one month because all the equipment was rented and needed to be given back at a specific time.
  • here are some of the world’s oldest examples of ordinary things.
  • there was a con artist who was so good, he sold the eiffel tower. twice.
  • microwaving food does not diminish the nutrients. actually, it’s one of the most nutritionally sound methods in food preparation.
  • this octopus was found caring for her eggs for 53 months without leaving or feeding. after she finished, she died. my mom’s the bestest though, BETTER THAN THIS MOM. ESPECIALLY ON MOTHER’S DAY. don’t even argue, ghost octopus mom.



today I learned:

  • when outkast sang “shake it like a polaroid picture,” polaroid released a statement that said, “shaking or waving can actually damage the image.”
  • an actual hotel room in france
  • spiders don’t jump using muscles. instead, they control the blood pressure in their legs like a hydraulic system to propel them upwards.
  • a guide to astral projection 🙂
  • during the late 1800s a baboon was employed by the railroad as a signalman. he never once made a mistake and worked for the railroad until his death. what a great job…
  • 18 bollywood movie posters inspired by hollywood movie posters
  • a uk teenager secretly painted a penis on top of his house, and was caught over a year later when his parents looked at their house on google earth.
  • 46 incredible photos that you may or may not have seen before. EITHER WAY SUPER COOL.
  • 19 baboons from paris zoo were sent to a national park in england were unable to understand english commands but were fully cognitive of french words, forcing their english keepers to learn french.
  • delivery– a short documentary about bill, a 52-year-old pizza delivery man.
  • the pleasure throne…..ladiiiies?


today I learned:

  • an engineer in the 1930’s apparently created a “rainmaking machine”, made it rain in several places and then disappeared without a trace. well that’s kind of strange.
  • in 2011, a russian woman woke up at her funeral only to die of a heart attack from the shock minutes later.
  • these are what anti-cheating hats from the 1800s look like….
  • justin berfield, best known for playing reese in “malcolm in the middle”, has won every acting award he has ever been nominated for. which is nine. NINE. MAN I LOVE MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE.
  • tao lin’s mandala’s. BEAUTIFUL!!
  • during the outbreak of world war II, london zoo killed all their venomous animals in case the zoo was bombed and the animals escaped. WELL THAT’S DEPRESSING.
  • weird al yankovic has never accepted any outside ideas or titles for a song, with one exception- madonna herself asked when he was going to turn “like a virgin” into “like a surgeon”
  • here is what weird al yankovic looks like with a “normal” haircut. heh.
  • you might hear a whole lot about beijing’s pollution issue, but really, new delhi is the most polluted city in the world. LET’S NOT GO THERE K?! 😦
  • the role of captain jack sparrow was initially offered to jim carrey but he turned it down for bruce almighty. he would have rocked jack sparrow. you know what he currently rocks at doing? BEING AWAKE! GOOO JIMMY!
  • sacred geometry is beautiful
  • due to their similar protein composition, blood can be used as an egg substitute in baking and making ice cream. and y’know what? they already do use a bit of blood for that purpose in strawberry icecream. what, you thought it was tinted pink from food colouring? how cute! I’M KIDDING DON’T IGNORE THE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM IN YOUR NEAPOLITAN MIX. pink needs love too.
  • are you an indigo adult??? check it ouuuuut and then continue on your light-filled path 🙂
  • world war I officially began exactly one hundred years ago yesterday.
  • some suuuuper clever inventions!


today I learned:

  • clarence nash, the voice of donald duck for 50 years, also voiced donald’s voice in all foreign languages the disney cartoon was translated to in order to keep his voice consistent throughout the world.
  • danny devito helped produce pulp fiction and gattacca. today I *also* learned that I had no idea a film named gattacca existed…
  • this is what an underwater brahmos missile launch looks like
  • the reason mickey mouse wears gloves is so that his hands can be seen when they’re in front of his body.
  • if sugar gliders are deprived of social interaction, they can become so sad that they can die. THAT IS THE SADDEST AND CUTEST THING EVER.
  • broccoli’s fibonacci spiral is sewwww beautifulllll
  • 50% of nigeriens are under 14 years old. I wonder how many of them are princes that need money through cash transfer.
  • here’s a neat ass trick….
  • in ireland they used to give you a pint of guinness beer for a pint of donated blood to replace the iron, though this was cancelled in 2012. GUESS I’M NOT GOING TO IRELAND AFTER ALL. just kidding, I don’t drink.
  • the blog of a woman who channels the “constant companions”. super interesting!
  • in 1890’s, george stratton, an american psychologist, chose to start wearing inverted lenses to prove the brain adapts. by the fifth day, his brain started turning all the images upside down so he would see the world normally. that’s friggin’ neat, and yet some of us still believe that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” today….
  • selfies drawn by strangers. hilarious.


today I learned:

  • over 50 WWE wrestlers that competed in 1990s are now dead. looked it up. a whole lotta heart attacks and drug overdoses 😦
  • there is an american charity that pays drug addicts roughly $300 to get sterilized. how kind.
  • “lil” rappers and how lil they really are
  • J.K. rowling was asked to use her initials instead of her full name (joanne rowling) because her publishers were worried that boys wouldn’t want to read a book written by a woman. oh hey, subtle sexism!
  • brazilian prisons offer to reduce the sentences of their prisoners by 4 days (up to 48 days/year) for every book they read and write a report on.
  • a bad mom (man, who thinks of these ads…)
  • buddhists are sending monks to study science in order to create a curriculum including science education. this is the first change in tibetan monastery and scholastic curriculum in 600 years.
  • dropping a slinky in slow motion. pretty friggin’ cool. speaking of cool….
  • coolio regretted giving weird al a hard time about “amish paradise,” and feels “that was one of the dumbest things I did in my career.”
  • are you awakening?
  • landmines planted on the coasts during the falklands war accidentally created penguin sanctuaries. the penguins are too light to detonate the mines, so they live and breed safely. the sanctuaries are so popular and profitable that there are efforts to prevent removal of the mines.
  • a venn diagram explaining the difference between the UK, great britain, and england. THANK YOU.
  • when questioned about the rape and violence in game of thrones, george R.R. martin replied: “the true horrors of human history derive not from orcs and dark lords, but from ourselves.”
  • aaaand, of course, to finish it off beautifully, what your poop is telling you about your body (namaste)


today I learned:


today I learned:

  • the inventors of bubble wrap were originally trying to make plastic wallpaper.
  • it took the radio 38 years to reach 50 million people, 20 years for the phone, 13 years for the television, 3.6 years for facebook and it took google plus 88 days
  • comment below on what you think these are!! the first person to get it right will get to choose a certain topic for me to find a bit of info about tomorrow 🙂
  • the chances of us eating even one spider in our sleep throughout our lifetime is close to 0%
  • sean connery, who started balding at age 21, wore a toupee throughout all of the bond films.
  • notable haircuts in popular music.
  • the first fireman killed during the september 11 attacks died at 9:30am when a civilian who had jumped from the south tower landed on him.
  • kate upton in zero gravity. you’re welcome.
  • the FBI tried to infiltrate a mosque in Irvine by sending one of their agents to incite terrorism. the people of the mosque reported him to the FBI instead.
  • 11 spiritual truths that are helpful for anyone exploring the spiritual realm.
  • the california capital punishment program (death penalty) has spent $4 billion to execute 13 people since 1978.
  • and to finish us off for the day, the nostalgia machine, everyone.

❤ continue to pray for gaza, please!


today I learned:

  • goldeneye 007 was developed by an inexperienced team; eight of its ten developers had never previously worked on video games.
  • china’s emperor qin sent his magician to find the elixir of life. the magician sailed away with the “sacrifice” of 6000 boys and girls, lots of wheat, and never returned. some believe that he settled in japan and became their first emperor
  • you can watch a full episode of family feud in exactly 3 minutes. gotta say though, it’s not as fun…
  • when john f. kennedy met joseph luns, the former dutch minister of foreign affairs, kennedy asked for his hobbies and he answered: “I fok horses”, kennedy, shocked, replied with: “pardon?”, luns replied: “yes, paarden!”. ‘fokken’ means ‘to breed’, and ‘horses’ means ‘paarden’ in dutch. I’m sure that was a pretty awkward rest-of-the-hangout..
  • elaine’s father on seinfeld, played by lawrence tierney, was supposed to be a recurring character, but he horrified the cast and made threatening gestures toward seinfeld with a knife.
  • the japanese have a word tsujigiri (辻斬) which means to test out a new sword on a random passerby. lovely.
  • not only are there radar detectors, but radar detector-detectors, and even radar detector-detector-detectors
  • here’s a video of a dog feeling badly about taking a baby’s toy.
  • mtv contacted weird al and told him they would not air his “don’t download this song” video if references to filesharing programs were not in some way removed, so he “made the creative decision to bleep them out as obnoxiously as possible, so that there would be no mistake I was being censored.”
  • originally, monopoly was invented in 1903 to expose the unfairness of a social system where a small minority screw the majority of tenants.
  • this is what CO2 would look like if it was a visible gas
  • hiroshima policeman went to nagasaki to teach police about ducking after the atomic flash. as a result of this timely warning, not a single nagasaki policeman died.
  • n 2011, fredericton (yes, new brunswick!) police gave out pizza hut coupons to drivers who pulled over to talk on their cell phones 🙂

today, I posted on various sites (facebook, reddit, twitter) some questions regarding spirituality, as I was curious about the beliefs and experiences of others. please comment and tell me what you think (if you have any insights, anything you might’ve been surprised by, etc).

love you all, and for those who participated, thank you!!!!


1. Which of these phenomenons do you believe in (are legit)?


“Other” responses:

  • “kundalini awakening, chakras”
  • “everything you have not mentioned”
  • “intentionally created reality”
  • “we are all connected as souls”
  • “numerology, synchronicity”
  • “here and now, at home on gaia”
  • “love”
  • “protection”


2. Which of these phenomenons do you have personal experience with?


“Other” responses:

  • “Overwhelming nowness bestowed through reverence of nature and being”
  • “kundalini awakening, chakras”
  • “telepathy, unified minds/souls”
  • “numerology, synchronicity”
  • “love”


3. If comfortable, please tell me a spiritual experience that validated your beliefs (E.g. saw a spirit):

  • Having clear connections with people on a regular basis, being able to sense the way people feel and then having it confirmed through conversation
  • “Life! Pay close attention to what is in front of your face, and great secrets will be revealed to you.
  • seen felt and heard spirit. see auras, helped heal many people using differing modalities, doused underground waterways with pendulum’s, had out of body experiences, channelled entities from different worlds, and realities.”
  • “telephaty with my gf, saw a ghost”
  • “felt a spirit’s energy”
  • “Worked at a place that gave me a deep energy. It would never leave. Later I found proof of my earlier thoughts”
  • “being hyper manic, i’ve had two episodes of intense psychic ability. I had visions, heard voices and experienced a “knowing”. I’ve also felt this sure feeling from different drugs and self channeling. I do, also feel faith on a regular basis other than special spiritual experiences.”
  • “Dhikr, a sufi ceremony, very profound connection to God, saw that all is one and all is possible”
  • “Drawing perfect 3-d models of unknown targets”
  • “Had a great grandfather scream at me from his deathbed in a dream to study medicine and described his features exactly to a family member. I never met him.”
  • “Saw Ghosts, auras, experienced bad spirits, deveined unborn baby genders using a pendulum, always felt connected to a past soul and to loved ones, travelled spiritually to places of my childhood and to connect with deceased loved ones.”
  • “Predictions of future events, deceased people and far away soul connections come to me often in dreams. Intuitive feelings have also helped guide me more than once through unknown situations.”
  • “You already know ;)”
  • “sometimes when i get high i leave my body and i become sound.. maybe. or maybe sensation…my body will stretch itself out, wherever I’m tight, it will move the opposite way, it will dance, and do things it wouldn’t normally do,(ie sometimes i come to in the splits or a crazy back bend) it’s like an integration, my thoughts, the sounds, feelings, sensations….I’ll think is this really happening but i enjoy the human experience more…the emotions…so i don’t stay very long anymore, it’s not how i ever thought i would get my confirmation, but it’s the moment i was like hey this shit is real and i have a lot of power”
  • “I was very close to death more than once after a serious accident, I experienced several of the above phenomena . I felt the energy many people were sending, and many others”
  • “Personally, I feel like most of it is all in the mind. I do believe there is an underlying energy in the world and some people are capable of seeing it and moulding it. I have made soul connections often and easily as an empath.”
  • “cosmic consciousness and astral projection during meditation; creation and predictions of specific circumstances”
  • “when I first got my reiki attunement I felt right through the core of my being”
  • “Using a Ouija Board”
  • “Spiritual phenomenon is an integrated part of my life”
  • “Psychic premonitions have proven to be true many times”
  • “Communicated with future children in this lifetime”
  • “Saw aliens. The stereotypical big headed ones. No way was I half awake/asleep or anything else. I did not hallucinate.”
  • “had an ego death on mushrooms where my consciousness was removed from my body and placed in a timeless void so I could be shown and reintroduced to myself.”
  • “spent a lot of time in a haunted building in fredericton. several very strange occurrences – random cold spots, foot steps upstairs when I was the only person in the building, numerous sightings of a dark figure in the stairwell.”
  • “Seen ghosts affect things in a Dojo I trained at”
  • “Saw “demons”
  • “Very strong “intuition” or prediction of events without any prior knowledge to influence, have sensed presences.”
  • “This is a tell. Working on my cottage one weekend, I became overwhelmed by the scope and magnitude of the work that lay before me. Seeing the cottage in a state of disarray felt almost like seeing a loved one in pain or duress. I became overwhelmed, thinking that no amount of effort could sustain the building and keep it alive. But slowly, and with the help of friends, things started to come together, and what was originally a daunting and upsetting task, became an incredibly exciting and uplifting series of experiences. The turning point came one late afternoon when–stressed to the max–I went into the old bedroom of the cabin. I noticed the same piece of driftwood with a boat painted on it that I’ve always noticed, as long as I can remember. I had never thought to look at the artwork that my grandfather painted years and years ago. Having passed away in 2007, I became a man without his physical presence, and lamented not having him close by to teach me the skills it would take to maintain an old cabin by the sea. Then, as I gazed upon the artwork, I realized that he was still present in the space. 2014 was the year I told myself I’d finally take on the responsibility of repairing the cottage and becoming its caretaker. Painted on the boat in the painting was the number 2014. Boats always have names on them. If boats have numbers on them, they are usually a 6 digit serial/ID number. Not four digits. My grandfather was communicating with me. Maybe that qualifies as an angel, ghost, connection to source and oneness. I can’t describe it, but it damn well feels right.”
  • “Performing reiki on others who have felt the benefits”
  • “Travelled to another dimension.”
  • “I see auras daily. I have had spiritual confirmations though out my whole life”
  • “I watched my own aura glow through all of the colours of the chakras in savasana at the end of a really good yoga class. I also see my “gardian angels” aka: white bloodcells whenever I look for them.”
  • “Feeling spirit, trusting my instincts/intuition, visions”


4. What (if any) faith did you grow up with?


“Other” answers:

  • “born into a catholic family but never felt that the teachings were true. later adopted a spiritual outlook similar to buddhism”
  • “presbyterian, but it didn’t stick :)”
  • “catholic-athiest-buddhist-taoist”
  • “started christian, found my own way into wicca”


5. What do you do for work/money?

  • computer programmer II
  • freelance creative, odd jobs
  • hard labor
  • spiritual teacher
  • carpenter and custom airbrush artist
  • computer science
  • server II
  • teacher II
  • on social welfare
  • landscaping
  • retail
  • design
  • barber
  • model and work with horses
  • hustle
  • graduate student
  • front desk hotel
  • leasing
  • hairstylist
  • nursing, retired massage therapist
  • worker at pizza shop
  • student II
  • coach, attend cafe, busk, donate
  • sales III
  • cook II
  • teach
  • mom
  • science/research
  • N/A IIII
  • meditation and labor work
  • work with kids and animals
  • customer service (phone)
  • office job government
  • temp work
  • professional NEET
  • walmart worker
  • search engine optimization
  • education
  • autism support worker
  • art
  • bookkeeping
  • environmental charity
  • volunteer coordinator assistant
  • director of recreation in nursing home
  • office work

6. Do you feel comfortable expressing your faith/spirituality to others?



❤ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


today I learned:

  • the swatch sistem51 is the first ever automatic (no battery, and winds with your movement) watch to be entirely assembled by robots. it has 51 moving parts and only one screw.
  • joaquin phoenix’s forehead looks like a face. I think. ok this is weird. 
  • one of the collective nouns for butterflies is kaleidoscope. 
  • photographs of two young men kissing in a photobooth in 1953. mmmm, love 🙂
  • almost 90% of all US wiretaps listen for suspected drug deals, not terrorism. sigh.
  • tenzing norgay left some chocolate at the top of mount everest when he climbed with edmund hillary. the chocolate was just eaten by some folks in 2012. YA CAN’T TRUST HUMANS. reminds me of the time the second oldest tree in the world’s location was “leaked” and some people went and cut it down. argh!
  • wikipedia banned the church of scientology from editing any articles.
  • taco bell sold 100 million doritos locos tacos in the first 10 weeks. it took mcdonald’s 18 years to sell the same amount of burgers…!
  • spider vs wasp (quick: who do ya think’ll win?!)
  • a biology professor extracted yeast from a 45 million year old insect trapped in amber and brewed beer from it. someone online so cleverly suggested its name be “jurassic dark” hahahaha
  • there is a company that does what “extreme home makeover” does, but for the homelessand by recycling furniture.
  • if everyone lived like a resident of the US, we would need the resources of 4.5 planet earths for sustainable supply. 
  • some adult jokes in children’s shows. I appreciate these and sometimes wonder how some of ’em were aired!
  • we should have these grocery stores around here!! I’d shop here almost exclusively…