today I learned:

  • there is a pet penguin named ‘la la’ in japan. everyday he walks into town by himself with a backpack and collects fish from the local fish market. and yes, of course I included a video in that link. OF COURSE.
  • poet stanislaw jerzy lec survived a german concentration camp by killing his guard with a shovel that was given to him to dig his own grave…and then escaping in the guards uniform. I’m not a fan of violence ever, but I gotta say, that’s pretty badass.
  • musician chuck berry (“roll over beethoven”…) created berry park in missouri, his own rock n roll themed amusement park with a guitar shaped swimming pool, in response to the whites-only country clubs from where he was once excluded. what a steamroller 🙂
  • believe in aliens? —of course you do, it doesn’t make scientific sense *not* to— listen to this short interview with dr. steven greer (responsible for the disclosure project)….aaaand prepare to wonder whether strangers are actually aliens/hybrids. don’t worry, the vast majority have pure intentions 🙂 (and hey, not a believer? do your own research. trust your own gut!!)
  • in july 1984 ronald reagan called ice cream “a nutritious and wholesome food” and established national ice cream month. thanks ronald.
  • a hotel chain has resident dogs who greet guests in the lobby, accompany them on walks and to make them feel at home. and some are in canada. let’s go.
  • jaws, scored by john williams, was surpassed as the highest-grossing film of all time by a new hope, scored by john williams, which was surpassed by ET (scored by john williams) which was then surpassed by jurassic park, scored by maurice jarre. hahahaha just kidding. it was john williams.
  • more than 90% of people with developmental disabilities will experience some form of sexual abuse at some time in their lives. 49% will experience 10 or more abusive incidents. this is friggin’ TERRIBLE.
  • every 100 ml of male semen contains 5g of protein, 27.6mg of calcium and 102 mg of glucose. it also has significant health benefits for men and women including working as a natural antidepressant, reduction of breast cancer, etc. 100ml is a whole lot though, so uh, have an egg, maybe?
  • smarties (the US ones) are flavoured as such: white is orange/cream, yellow is pineapple, pink is cherry, purple is grape, orange is orange, and green is… strawberry. so what happened there guys?
  • ‘ama’ – female divers of Japan who would traditionally freedive in cold water for hours in just a loincloth (now wetsuits). pics. nakies. you were warned. or treated.


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