today I learned:

  • this is how important eyebrows are…
  • birds that live close to the ground have low pitched calls that burst with chatter, allowing the sound to cut through ground clutter effectively. birds that live high in trees have long, high pitched calls more suited for traveling long distances through the air.
  • here’s an infograph showing the numbers of violations and incidents of violence during the worldcup. it’s only soccer, AMIRIGHT?! (JUST KIDDING PLEASE SPARE MY SOUL)
  • UPS trucks almost never take left turns, the result of a route-optimization program that has saved an estimated 10 million gallons (no idea what this is in litres…google knows but not me…suuurrryyy) of gas since 2004.
  • here is a list of each country’s national dishes
  • a company in the UK uses the foreskins of circumcised babies to develop an anti-wrinkle cosmetic treatments. that’s so lovely.
  • there is a man who, due to auto-brewery syndrome, will get drunk from eating bread. AUTO-BREWERY SYNDROME. 
  • here’s a list of countries that prefer instant coffee over fresh-brewed. the ones that prefer instant coffee are wrong and bad.
  • porn is illegal in ukraine and can only be used for medicinal purposes. “doctor, my lady bits are feeling ill…”
  • here is what some drugs look like under a microscope. uhhhh, suuuuper friggin’ interesting, guys..

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