today, I posted on various sites (facebook, reddit, twitter) some questions regarding spirituality, as I was curious about the beliefs and experiences of others. please comment and tell me what you think (if you have any insights, anything you might’ve been surprised by, etc).

love you all, and for those who participated, thank you!!!!


1. Which of these phenomenons do you believe in (are legit)?


“Other” responses:

  • “kundalini awakening, chakras”
  • “everything you have not mentioned”
  • “intentionally created reality”
  • “we are all connected as souls”
  • “numerology, synchronicity”
  • “here and now, at home on gaia”
  • “love”
  • “protection”


2. Which of these phenomenons do you have personal experience with?


“Other” responses:

  • “Overwhelming nowness bestowed through reverence of nature and being”
  • “kundalini awakening, chakras”
  • “telepathy, unified minds/souls”
  • “numerology, synchronicity”
  • “love”


3. If comfortable, please tell me a spiritual experience that validated your beliefs (E.g. saw a spirit):

  • Having clear connections with people on a regular basis, being able to sense the way people feel and then having it confirmed through conversation
  • “Life! Pay close attention to what is in front of your face, and great secrets will be revealed to you.
  • seen felt and heard spirit. see auras, helped heal many people using differing modalities, doused underground waterways with pendulum’s, had out of body experiences, channelled entities from different worlds, and realities.”
  • “telephaty with my gf, saw a ghost”
  • “felt a spirit’s energy”
  • “Worked at a place that gave me a deep energy. It would never leave. Later I found proof of my earlier thoughts”
  • “being hyper manic, i’ve had two episodes of intense psychic ability. I had visions, heard voices and experienced a “knowing”. I’ve also felt this sure feeling from different drugs and self channeling. I do, also feel faith on a regular basis other than special spiritual experiences.”
  • “Dhikr, a sufi ceremony, very profound connection to God, saw that all is one and all is possible”
  • “Drawing perfect 3-d models of unknown targets”
  • “Had a great grandfather scream at me from his deathbed in a dream to study medicine and described his features exactly to a family member. I never met him.”
  • “Saw Ghosts, auras, experienced bad spirits, deveined unborn baby genders using a pendulum, always felt connected to a past soul and to loved ones, travelled spiritually to places of my childhood and to connect with deceased loved ones.”
  • “Predictions of future events, deceased people and far away soul connections come to me often in dreams. Intuitive feelings have also helped guide me more than once through unknown situations.”
  • “You already know ;)”
  • “sometimes when i get high i leave my body and i become sound.. maybe. or maybe sensation…my body will stretch itself out, wherever I’m tight, it will move the opposite way, it will dance, and do things it wouldn’t normally do,(ie sometimes i come to in the splits or a crazy back bend) it’s like an integration, my thoughts, the sounds, feelings, sensations….I’ll think is this really happening but i enjoy the human experience more…the emotions…so i don’t stay very long anymore, it’s not how i ever thought i would get my confirmation, but it’s the moment i was like hey this shit is real and i have a lot of power”
  • “I was very close to death more than once after a serious accident, I experienced several of the above phenomena . I felt the energy many people were sending, and many others”
  • “Personally, I feel like most of it is all in the mind. I do believe there is an underlying energy in the world and some people are capable of seeing it and moulding it. I have made soul connections often and easily as an empath.”
  • “cosmic consciousness and astral projection during meditation; creation and predictions of specific circumstances”
  • “when I first got my reiki attunement I felt right through the core of my being”
  • “Using a Ouija Board”
  • “Spiritual phenomenon is an integrated part of my life”
  • “Psychic premonitions have proven to be true many times”
  • “Communicated with future children in this lifetime”
  • “Saw aliens. The stereotypical big headed ones. No way was I half awake/asleep or anything else. I did not hallucinate.”
  • “had an ego death on mushrooms where my consciousness was removed from my body and placed in a timeless void so I could be shown and reintroduced to myself.”
  • “spent a lot of time in a haunted building in fredericton. several very strange occurrences – random cold spots, foot steps upstairs when I was the only person in the building, numerous sightings of a dark figure in the stairwell.”
  • “Seen ghosts affect things in a Dojo I trained at”
  • “Saw “demons”
  • “Very strong “intuition” or prediction of events without any prior knowledge to influence, have sensed presences.”
  • “This is a tell. Working on my cottage one weekend, I became overwhelmed by the scope and magnitude of the work that lay before me. Seeing the cottage in a state of disarray felt almost like seeing a loved one in pain or duress. I became overwhelmed, thinking that no amount of effort could sustain the building and keep it alive. But slowly, and with the help of friends, things started to come together, and what was originally a daunting and upsetting task, became an incredibly exciting and uplifting series of experiences. The turning point came one late afternoon when–stressed to the max–I went into the old bedroom of the cabin. I noticed the same piece of driftwood with a boat painted on it that I’ve always noticed, as long as I can remember. I had never thought to look at the artwork that my grandfather painted years and years ago. Having passed away in 2007, I became a man without his physical presence, and lamented not having him close by to teach me the skills it would take to maintain an old cabin by the sea. Then, as I gazed upon the artwork, I realized that he was still present in the space. 2014 was the year I told myself I’d finally take on the responsibility of repairing the cottage and becoming its caretaker. Painted on the boat in the painting was the number 2014. Boats always have names on them. If boats have numbers on them, they are usually a 6 digit serial/ID number. Not four digits. My grandfather was communicating with me. Maybe that qualifies as an angel, ghost, connection to source and oneness. I can’t describe it, but it damn well feels right.”
  • “Performing reiki on others who have felt the benefits”
  • “Travelled to another dimension.”
  • “I see auras daily. I have had spiritual confirmations though out my whole life”
  • “I watched my own aura glow through all of the colours of the chakras in savasana at the end of a really good yoga class. I also see my “gardian angels” aka: white bloodcells whenever I look for them.”
  • “Feeling spirit, trusting my instincts/intuition, visions”


4. What (if any) faith did you grow up with?


“Other” answers:

  • “born into a catholic family but never felt that the teachings were true. later adopted a spiritual outlook similar to buddhism”
  • “presbyterian, but it didn’t stick :)”
  • “catholic-athiest-buddhist-taoist”
  • “started christian, found my own way into wicca”


5. What do you do for work/money?

  • computer programmer II
  • freelance creative, odd jobs
  • hard labor
  • spiritual teacher
  • carpenter and custom airbrush artist
  • computer science
  • server II
  • teacher II
  • on social welfare
  • landscaping
  • retail
  • design
  • barber
  • model and work with horses
  • hustle
  • graduate student
  • front desk hotel
  • leasing
  • hairstylist
  • nursing, retired massage therapist
  • worker at pizza shop
  • student II
  • coach, attend cafe, busk, donate
  • sales III
  • cook II
  • teach
  • mom
  • science/research
  • N/A IIII
  • meditation and labor work
  • work with kids and animals
  • customer service (phone)
  • office job government
  • temp work
  • professional NEET
  • walmart worker
  • search engine optimization
  • education
  • autism support worker
  • art
  • bookkeeping
  • environmental charity
  • volunteer coordinator assistant
  • director of recreation in nursing home
  • office work

6. Do you feel comfortable expressing your faith/spirituality to others?



❤ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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