today I learned:

  • goldeneye 007 was developed by an inexperienced team; eight of its ten developers had never previously worked on video games.
  • china’s emperor qin sent his magician to find the elixir of life. the magician sailed away with the “sacrifice” of 6000 boys and girls, lots of wheat, and never returned. some believe that he settled in japan and became their first emperor
  • you can watch a full episode of family feud in exactly 3 minutes. gotta say though, it’s not as fun…
  • when john f. kennedy met joseph luns, the former dutch minister of foreign affairs, kennedy asked for his hobbies and he answered: “I fok horses”, kennedy, shocked, replied with: “pardon?”, luns replied: “yes, paarden!”. ‘fokken’ means ‘to breed’, and ‘horses’ means ‘paarden’ in dutch. I’m sure that was a pretty awkward rest-of-the-hangout..
  • elaine’s father on seinfeld, played by lawrence tierney, was supposed to be a recurring character, but he horrified the cast and made threatening gestures toward seinfeld with a knife.
  • the japanese have a word tsujigiri (辻斬) which means to test out a new sword on a random passerby. lovely.
  • not only are there radar detectors, but radar detector-detectors, and even radar detector-detector-detectors
  • here’s a video of a dog feeling badly about taking a baby’s toy.
  • mtv contacted weird al and told him they would not air his “don’t download this song” video if references to filesharing programs were not in some way removed, so he “made the creative decision to bleep them out as obnoxiously as possible, so that there would be no mistake I was being censored.”
  • originally, monopoly was invented in 1903 to expose the unfairness of a social system where a small minority screw the majority of tenants.
  • this is what CO2 would look like if it was a visible gas
  • hiroshima policeman went to nagasaki to teach police about ducking after the atomic flash. as a result of this timely warning, not a single nagasaki policeman died.
  • n 2011, fredericton (yes, new brunswick!) police gave out pizza hut coupons to drivers who pulled over to talk on their cell phones 🙂


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