today I learned:

  • clarence nash, the voice of donald duck for 50 years, also voiced donald’s voice in all foreign languages the disney cartoon was translated to in order to keep his voice consistent throughout the world.
  • danny devito helped produce pulp fiction and gattacca. today I *also* learned that I had no idea a film named gattacca existed…
  • this is what an underwater brahmos missile launch looks like
  • the reason mickey mouse wears gloves is so that his hands can be seen when they’re in front of his body.
  • if sugar gliders are deprived of social interaction, they can become so sad that they can die. THAT IS THE SADDEST AND CUTEST THING EVER.
  • broccoli’s fibonacci spiral is sewwww beautifulllll
  • 50% of nigeriens are under 14 years old. I wonder how many of them are princes that need money through cash transfer.
  • here’s a neat ass trick….
  • in ireland they used to give you a pint of guinness beer for a pint of donated blood to replace the iron, though this was cancelled in 2012. GUESS I’M NOT GOING TO IRELAND AFTER ALL. just kidding, I don’t drink.
  • the blog of a woman who channels the “constant companions”. super interesting!
  • in 1890’s, george stratton, an american psychologist, chose to start wearing inverted lenses to prove the brain adapts. by the fifth day, his brain started turning all the images upside down so he would see the world normally. that’s friggin’ neat, and yet some of us still believe that “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” today….
  • selfies drawn by strangers. hilarious.

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