today I learned:

  • an engineer in the 1930’s apparently created a “rainmaking machine”, made it rain in several places and then disappeared without a trace. well that’s kind of strange.
  • in 2011, a russian woman woke up at her funeral only to die of a heart attack from the shock minutes later.
  • these are what anti-cheating hats from the 1800s look like….
  • justin berfield, best known for playing reese in “malcolm in the middle”, has won every acting award he has ever been nominated for. which is nine. NINE. MAN I LOVE MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE.
  • tao lin’s mandala’s. BEAUTIFUL!!
  • during the outbreak of world war II, london zoo killed all their venomous animals in case the zoo was bombed and the animals escaped. WELL THAT’S DEPRESSING.
  • weird al yankovic has never accepted any outside ideas or titles for a song, with one exception- madonna herself asked when he was going to turn “like a virgin” into “like a surgeon”
  • here is what weird al yankovic looks like with a “normal” haircut. heh.
  • you might hear a whole lot about beijing’s pollution issue, but really, new delhi is the most polluted city in the world. LET’S NOT GO THERE K?! 😦
  • the role of captain jack sparrow was initially offered to jim carrey but he turned it down for bruce almighty. he would have rocked jack sparrow. you know what he currently rocks at doing? BEING AWAKE! GOOO JIMMY!
  • sacred geometry is beautiful
  • due to their similar protein composition, blood can be used as an egg substitute in baking and making ice cream. and y’know what? they already do use a bit of blood for that purpose in strawberry icecream. what, you thought it was tinted pink from food colouring? how cute! I’M KIDDING DON’T IGNORE THE STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM IN YOUR NEAPOLITAN MIX. pink needs love too.
  • are you an indigo adult??? check it ouuuuut and then continue on your light-filled path 🙂
  • world war I officially began exactly one hundred years ago yesterday.
  • some suuuuper clever inventions!

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