today I learned:

  • when outkast sang “shake it like a polaroid picture,” polaroid released a statement that said, “shaking or waving can actually damage the image.”
  • an actual hotel room in france
  • spiders don’t jump using muscles. instead, they control the blood pressure in their legs like a hydraulic system to propel them upwards.
  • a guide to astral projection 🙂
  • during the late 1800s a baboon was employed by the railroad as a signalman. he never once made a mistake and worked for the railroad until his death. what a great job…
  • 18 bollywood movie posters inspired by hollywood movie posters
  • a uk teenager secretly painted a penis on top of his house, and was caught over a year later when his parents looked at their house on google earth.
  • 46 incredible photos that you may or may not have seen before. EITHER WAY SUPER COOL.
  • 19 baboons from paris zoo were sent to a national park in england were unable to understand english commands but were fully cognitive of french words, forcing their english keepers to learn french.
  • delivery– a short documentary about bill, a 52-year-old pizza delivery man.
  • the pleasure throne…..ladiiiies?


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