today I learned:

  • the US government was engaged in talks about developing a “gay bomb”. the theory was the bomb could discharge female sex pheromones on the enemy forces to make them sexually attracted to each other…..  …..development was stopped when researchers determined it was impossible. well, safe to say none of them were queer in any way… JUST KIDDING. they definitely were, and were likely massively uncomfortable with that reality, ’cause of tightly-held beliefs and stuff. y’know, same old.
  • during the production of borat, they never washed his suit. it smelled awful and this was done to add another layer of discomfort for anyone coming in contact with him.
  • there is a term to explain why ignorant people tend to boast confidence in spite of being wrong and wiser people ofter have doubts about their knowledge : dunning-kruger effect. I do this ALL THE TIME. and OBVIOUSLY I KNEW THAT TERM ALREADY FRIG DON’T EVEN QUESTION ME JEEZ 
  • henry ford hated jews and believed they started WWI for profit. what. don’tbuyfords.
  • a falkirk wheel in scotland. it friggin lifts boats, guys. BOATS.
  • finland has the most heavy metal bands per capita in the world. while sweden and norway have only 27 heavy metal bands per 100.000 inhabitants, finland boasts double as much, 54 bands per 100.000. 666.
  • here’s some information on ET races. the article describes “good” and “bad” guys, but I would argue they aren’t to be feared– any of ’em. some just have different intentions, perhaps. but make up your own mind 🙂
  • the lemon is actually a hybrid between a sour orange and a citron. WHATEVER THOSE ARE.
  • humans actually knew the earth was round as early as 2500 years ago. eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the planet to an astounding accuracy of around 99%.
  • a smart cat.
  • “fuck your ancestor to the eighteenth generation” is a chinese insult, due to the high respect for one’s ancestors. crazy, eh? a culture that ACTUALLY respects ancestors and older adults?! TODAY I LEARNED, RIGHT?!
  • the illusion of memory“, by allan watts. that beautiful mind– what a great teaching!
  • wayne’s world was filmed in one month because all the equipment was rented and needed to be given back at a specific time.
  • here are some of the world’s oldest examples of ordinary things.
  • there was a con artist who was so good, he sold the eiffel tower. twice.
  • microwaving food does not diminish the nutrients. actually, it’s one of the most nutritionally sound methods in food preparation.
  • this octopus was found caring for her eggs for 53 months without leaving or feeding. after she finished, she died. my mom’s the bestest though, BETTER THAN THIS MOM. ESPECIALLY ON MOTHER’S DAY. don’t even argue, ghost octopus mom.


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