today I learned:

  • a guide for pairing wine and cheese (great for someone like me, who will probably only use it once! BLUE CHEESE AND ANYTHING PLEASE)
  • in napoleon dynamite, pedro’s campaign promise, “vote for me and I’ll make your wildest dreams come true”, literally happens. from the moment he is elected every character in the movie has their wildest dream come true.
  • sylvia browne always got a lot of flack, but from a young age I admired her. frig, I even bought her books. everyone was reading harry potter, and there I was learning about spirit guides. hahahaha. here’s a bit on how to develop your own psychic abilities, written by this lady now on in the other realm 🙂
  • there have been 8 christian prime ministers in japan even though the christians make less than 1% of japan’s population.
  • princess margaret wearing her wedding tiara in the bath in 1962.
  • one teaspoon of water contains about three times as many atoms as the atlantic ocean contains teaspoons of water.
  • rolling stone readers voted nirvana at one of the worst bands of the 1990’s, along with creed, limp bizkit and hanson. wow.
  • jonathan the turtle in year 1900 and today. HE IS SO OLD.
  • here exists a cave so massive that it has its own weather system.
  • the friggin cutest and most hilariously-attached to humans baby deer.
  • in the original story of peter pan, the lost boys do age, even in neverland. the reason the group is always made up of children is because if they don’t die by other means (which is common), peter “thins them out.” the author never clarifies whether this means they’re executed or banished. peter pan just got a whole lot darker….
  • well well well, susan sarandon...

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