today I learned:

  • as a marketing scheme for the ‘dante’s inferno’ videogame, EA hired people to portray christians to accuse EA of being the anti-christ.
  • a channeling that will change your life in 3 hours. I’m watching it in full tonight.
  • six years after martin luther king jr.’s death, his mother, alberta king, was assassinated while playing the organ at her church 😦
  • here’s a photo of a woman in the british royal army corps showing off her tattoo, 1940s.
  • there is almost no correlation between cell phone connection quality and “bars” of service. um, what.
  • an article about how wikipedia refuses to delete photo as ‘monkey owns it’. yeah, so I posted this on my facebook. SO WHAT. WHATDDYA GONNA DO ABOUT IT. I’msorryI’mrepetitive.
  • some wicked tips for lucid dreaming.
  • standing like a superhero for as little as two minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol levels, increases our appetite for risk, causes us to perform better in job interviews, and generally configures our brains to cope well in stressful situations.
  • a graphic of the most popular beers across the world.
  • this ‘apparently’ kid is friggin hilarious.
  • ozzy osbourne’s entire genome was once analyzed by scientists to determine how his body survived decades of drug abuse.
  • cat breeds. I know how exciting this can be.

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