today I learned:

  • cats are not nocturnal. they are actually crepuscular, which means they are most active around twilight and dawn.
  • eastern airlines closed so suddenly in 1991 that thousands of passengers and crew were left stranded across the country as their connecting flights, or return flights, were suddenly cancelled.
  • hahahaha. an australian sports star.
  • canada hands out a 1-year free cultural access pass to new citizens, which gives them free access over a 1,000 museums and cultural centers across the country 🙂
  • bacteria called actinomycetes cause ‘the smell of rain.’
  • a graph of the 20 deadliest events in human history
  • before ‘jaws’, there was ‘shark!’, starring burt reynolds… live sharks were used during filming, and one stuntman was killed. smart guys. smuuuurrrttt.
  • “office safari” hahahaha
  • arnold schwarzenegger wasn’t allowed to dub over his own voice in the german version of terminator, because his austrian accent “wasn’t tough enough”. hahahah.
  • photo posing techniques for non-models. that’s us, guys. I mean, we all know you COULD be one if ya wanted, especially according to grammy, nana, nani, grandma, and/or nona, but we’re not yet soooo (roll eyes) these things apply.
  • in 1907 joseph stalin said at the funeral of his first wife, “this creature softened my heart of stone. she died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity.”
  • chris pratt rapping to ‘forgot about dre’ with the actual beat.
  • chinese drivers are sometimes forced to stare at full-beam headlights in ‘eye for an eye’ punishment for those who have their highbeams on unecessarily…. offenders will also receive a road-side lecture on how to use their headlights properly, as well as a $30 fine. heh.
  • google is letting you create a custom 3D-printed bracelet to be shipped for free if you live in the US. MAIS JE SUIS CANADIENNE, SACRE BLEU!!
  • cows are fed magnets that stay in their stomach for life to collect metal objects like nails or barbed wire that the cow will occasionally eat, thus preventing the objects from getting stuck in their intestines and causing “hardware disease”. HARDWARE DISEASE!
  • steve buscemi’s elementary school picture. I guess this is exactly what I expected hahahah.
  • how a beanstalk finds its support. this is friggin’ cool.

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