today I learned:

  • power girl’s large breasts was the result of the artist seeing how far he could go before his editors finally said something. I also learned that there’s a DC superhero named power girl…..
  • phil mickelson is actually right-handed in everything he does. he only golfs as a lefty because he would mirror his dad’s swing as a child. once again, I also learned of phil michelson’s existence…
  • robin williams improvised this line, and the camera man laughed so hard the camera shook (RIP, funny man. feel better)
  • while filming “blues brothers,” john belushi disappeared from the set. dan ackroyd went door to door looking for him, and was told by the homeowner, “oh, you mean belushi? he came in here an hour ago and raided my fridge. he’s asleep on my couch.” nice.
  • a 1995 WHO study that stated “occasional cocaine use does not typically lead to severe or even minor physical or social problems” was never published because the US threatened to withdraw US funding for all WHO research projects. because only publishing research that fits your political desires is super, super ethical. yay!
  • energy update, from our loved channeller! (I personally needed this!)
  • a very, very lucky dude.
  • in 2003, a man mailed himself to texas from new york. he went undetected until the delivery man noticed him at the end of the trip and called the police. NOT NICE DELIVERY MAN. NOT NICE.
  • this guy is better at serving coffee than I am. by just a bit, anyway…
  • in 1975 australia had a government shutdown. in the end, all the members of parliament were fired and then elections were held to restart from scratch. they haven’t had another shutdown since. can….can we do this? please?
  • hitler’s doctor, theodor morell, was accused of being an allied sympathiser after it was found out that he had prescribed hitler cocaine eyedrops, methamphetamines, and e.coli. I was gonna say I’d like a doctor like that, until I saw he prescribed him e.coli. poop. he gave him poop. officially. as a doctor. POOP!!

2 thoughts on “12/08/14

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  2. That’s very kind of you to offer, but what would the donation be for??

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