today I learned:

  • according to BBC, any pedestrian crossing buttons do actually nothing. they are called placebo buttons and just comfort people.
  • this cat has learned to open doors.
  • the giant tortoise failed to get a scientific name for 300 years after its discovery because it was so delicious that no one could bring a specimen back to europe without eating it. this includes darwin himself.
  • one of the “dangers of virtual reality” hahahah
  • n the 80’s, a japanese director released a series of gore movies so realistic, that he was investigated by the police and had to prove that no one was actually murdered.
  • this is a real story: a texas anti-gay leader’s wife just left him for another woman. I mean, this is really sad, but also, I’d probably leave him too, if he were anti-gay….doesn’t mean she’s gay, but we’re all a bit queer AMRIGHT?!
  • david cross said that working on the third instalment of alvin and the chipmunks was “the most unpleasant experience of his professional life.”
  • this is what dumping paper airplanes looks like
  • death as a result of shaken vending machines is twice as common as death from a shark attack.
  • speaking of sharks, here’s a bit on shark week that you should probably watch 🙂
  • individuals with the “strong tasters” gene variant are less likely to be smokers.
  • the most adorable and sad video of a dog not wanting fish to die! some people are saying he’s just trying to bury them, but COME ON THEY KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN DIRT AND WATER. I know they may not be “as intelligent” as human beings, but they’ve got some solid little minds!!!!!


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