today I learned:

  • india’s forgotten stepwells. gorgeous! wow!!
  • while recording “I put a spell on you”, screamin’ jay hawkins was so drunk, he blacked out with no memory of the session afterwards. in order to perform it the same way, he had to relearn the song by listening to the drunken recording. it became his biggest commercial success. the lesson here? ALWAYS RECORD SONGS DRUNK. ALWAYS.
  • here are some problems we still face in 2014. they’re serious guys. super serious.
  • no insurance company will underwrite jackie chan’s productions. so, he personally trains his own stuntmen and pays their medical bills out of his own pocket.
  • hugh laurie auditioned for his role in ‘house’ by shooting a video in a hotel bathroom. director bryan singer, unaware that laurie’s english, commented “see, this is what I want: an american guy.”
  • a typical crossfit workout. I laughed so hard at this hahahahaha
  • commander hatfield gave a TED talk urging people to walk through non-venomous spiderwebs to learn the difference between fear and danger.
  • beethoven hated authority and social rank so much that he would stop playing if aristocrats talked during his performances.
  • a gif of a table saw cutting wood
  • tracy morgan was married with three kids and living on welfare when he got his role on saturday night live.
  • acronyms are said like words, while initialisms are individual letters. for example, NATO is an acronym and FBI is an initialism.
  • I think canada needs to follow scotland’s suit and start providing us with the ability to order the ‘munchy box’.….I need this in my life right now. NEED.
  • coca cola switches back to cane sugar from corn syrup during passover.
  • a baby porcupine is called a porcupette. sounds way too sexy to be a baby of any sort…
  • sexy roller skating.
  • starbucks has “stealth” stores disguised as neighborhood coffee shops
  • russell brand was legally entitled to take $20 million dollars from katy perry’s fortune after their divorce but refused to take any.
  • ‘notification trolling’. hilarious!

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