today I learned:

  • the benefits of psychic development 🙂
  • ryan gosling was cast in “the notebook” because the director was looking for someone that was “not handsome” and “not cool”.
  • the mayan god of wind and storms was called jun raqan, pronounced “huracan”, hence the word “hurricane”.
  • a french bulldog puppy learns to be brave.
  • a chicago prostitute is more likely to have sex with a police officer than be arrested by one
  • a Y2K (Y2K!!!!) bug caused mothers’ ages to be calculated incorrectly, leading to 154 faulty down’s syndrome tests being sent out, which in turn led to two abortions and four failures to discover the syndrome. heavy stuff….
  • a former king of sweden became a pirate after he lost the throne. makes sense. classic move.
  • a tool used to make your own clock 😀
  • in scrabble, you CAN legally use a word that’s non-existent/not in the dictionary if no one calls you out. I HAD NO IDEA. MISSED WINNING SO MANY SCRABBLE GAMES.
  • some blind albino boys in their boarding room at a mission school for the blind in west bengal, india.
  • it’s illegal for drug companies to advertise to consumers almost everywhere in the world. the only exceptions are the US and new zealand.
  • a snow-removal train in skagway, alaska
  • robert louis stevenson’s wife burned his manuscript of “drs jekyll and mr. hyde” because she felt it would ruin his reputation. over the next three days, the author rewrote the 30,000-word manuscript from memory.
  • in 2013 a UK company perfected the “tomtato” – a plant that grows potatoes under the soil and tomatoes above.
  • this is what raw azurite looks like
  • a sea lion getting the ride of his life, thanks to a whale. SO FUN.
  • and, to finish us off, a whale who clearly is in a gang. that scares children.

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