today I learned:

  • a smart rabbit
  • during the 2008 world hops shortage, the samuel adams brewery shared 20,000 pounds of their excess hops with 108 different craft breweries, at cost, to help prevent them from going out of business. THANKS SAMUEL ADAMS BREWERY.
  • heartbreak is actually a form of addiction withdrawal (click on the link to get to the actual SCIENTIFIC study that was done! YEAH! SCIENCE! TRUTH! CONTROLLED VARIABLES! 😉 )
  • the most abundant mineral is 51% of the earth but had no official name until 2014 because there was no way to get a natural sample from 400 miles beneath the surface. it’s called bridgmanite. 
  • terry crews on his refusal of being typecasted. man, this guy is my favourite celeb right now.
  • ducks quack in their own regional accents. YEAH THAT’S RIGHT. DUCKS HAVE CULTURE. probs more than me in some ways.
  • bob marley’s “no woman no cry” is actually titled “no woman nuh cry”, which translates to “no woman don’t cry”. it’s a song comforting women, not about comforting a man without one!
  • the surreal self portraits (made by combining two photographs into one image) of one guy. pretty friggin neat.
  • muse’s matt bellamy recorded his unborn babys hearbeat with his iphone and that is what you can hear at the start of the song “follow me.” that’s super, super sweet!
  • a corgy meeting a pig! 
  • iceland let its banks fail instead of bailing them out. in 2008, the country started over from square one after paying off loans for consumers, forgiving homeowner debt, and throwing the offenders responsible in prison. its economy is now growing faster than the US and european economies. let’s do that, yes?
  • the ‘giant mutant spider dog’ prank. hahahaha.
  • an orangutan kept escaping from his cage at the zoo using a key he had made from a piece of wire. every time the zookeepers inspected him, he hid the key in his mouth. WHO KNEW NON-HUMAN ANIMALS COULD BE SO SMART AMIRIGHT?!
  • pope francis used to be a night club bouncer. friggin’ awesome. one more reason to love this guy..
  • this kid just rockin’ the cards he was dealt. oh, happy day 🙂


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