today I learned:

  • “cree indian”, taken by g. w. fleming, 1903. beauty.
  • bayer sold a medicine tainted with HIV. once they found out in the US, they continued to sell it overseas for over a year so they could “clear stock”. how beautifully ethical of you, bayer. I will not buy your aspirin.
  • lucy ann johnson, a mom and wife from alaska, disappeared in 1961. last year (that’s 52 years later), she was actually found in the yukon, “alive and well”, with an entirely new family. REPLACEABLE FAMILY MUCH?! hahahaha. just kidding. her husband was apparently abusive and wouldn’t let her have the children…. 😦
  • how to open a hard-boiled egg with one hand (this is actually how my dad taught me! coooool! PERCYDIDITFIRST)
  • new york’s area code is 212 because it was the fastest number to dial on a rotary phone.
  • someone’s university washroom just went “full goldeneye” hahahaha
  • there’s something called ‘ruin value’, which is the concept that a building be designed such that if it eventually collapsed, it would leave behind aesthetically pleasing ruins that would last far longer without any maintenance at all. that’s really neat!
  • suuuch a good prank!
  • the previews used to be shown at the end of a movie, which is why they are referred to as “trailers.”
  • this is how a trumpet works. so friggin’ neat.
  • leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet helped pay the nursing home fees for the last titanic survivor so she wouldn’t have to sell anymore titanic mementos to raise cash. BEAUTY.
  • and to finish you guys off for the day (GET IT), a gallery of “weird” penises. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART OR MEN/WOMEN/LESBIANS/ASEXUALS/WHOEVEREXUALS WHO ARE UNCOMFORTABLE WITH PENISES.

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