today I learned:

  • the jackson 5 in malibu, 1969.
  • rapper T.I. has talked suicidal people off the ledge twice. what a guy ūüôā
  • this took me by surprise, hahahahah. “don’t try and make lemonade when live gives you lemons….seriously, don’t”
  • eritrea, not north korea, scores as the country with the least media freedom in the world. aaaand I also learned that there is a country called eritrea. hahaha.
  • what the effects of different drugs on a film look like under a microscope. neato!!
  • there’s a thing called¬†“paris syndome”, which describes¬†the experience¬†japanese tourists have when visiting paris for the first time….they experience such severe culture shock that they become sick. hahahaha. get it together guys.
  • a canadian man was lost in the woods, so he chopped down some power lines so that workers would have to come and rescue him. brilliant!
  • this is garfi, the angriest cat in the world
  • broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and kale are all different breeds of the same plant. I love them all.
  • how to pair wine with food
  • ja rule has plans to write a microwave cookbook based on meals he made in prison.
  • a 6000 year-old stone complex discovered in malta resonates at a frequency which has a measurable effect on people’s brain activity, stimulating creativity during chanting. I want to gooooo!
  • it is believed that dogs sneeze to let other dogs know that they’re not aggressive.
  • what the effects of 25Hz of sound does to water. OH MY GOD SO COOL.



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