today I learned:

  • someone took a selfie with a drone…
  • “huh?” is a universal word and is found in roughly the same form and function in spoken languages across the globe.
  • aaand a hawk taking down a drone
  • in 2009, colorado initiated its family planning Initiative to provide low-to-no cost birth control to a bunch of family clinics across the state. subsequently, between 2009 and 2013, teen birth rate dropped by 40%.
  • the tiniest flowering tree
  • a recent study showed 25% of US drivers making a turn failed to use signals correctly. 48% of US lane changers failed to use signals, period. this is the cause for up to 2 million preventable accidents each year. USE YER SIGNALS PLEASE.
  • I love the technique of tilt-shifting: here it is used on hot air balloons! coooool!
  • thrift shop” by macklemore and ryan lewis was the first song since 1994 to reach number 1 on the US billboard hot 100 chart without the support of a major record label.
  • kenai fjords national park in alaska, photo taken by michael mcruiz
  • on average, every human owns 89 lego pieces.
  • canada has given honorary citizenship on only 5 people, with malala yousafzai soon to be sixth. the others are nelson mandela, the dalai lama, aung san suu kyi, karim aga khan IV (a shia imam), and raoul wallenberg, a swedish diplomat who rescued thousands during the holocaust. there’s some goodies in there!
  • the kids wish foundation was named america’s worst charity. only 3 cents of every dollar raised went to the actual cause 😦
  • monkey orchids. the cutest orchids.
  • the “half your age plus seven” rule for dating has been around since at least 1901. wow.
  • non-human animal family photos 🙂
  • the killer whale is a natural predator of the moose
  • the story of three wild animals: “for 13 years, baloo, leo and shere khan have been best friends. the three animals, who live at noah’s ark animal sanctuary in georgia, were rescued as cubs from a drug dealer who kept them as pets. in the wild, the three species hail from different continents and would have never met.” my heart!


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