today I learned:

  • in 2001, the US court of appeals allowed alice randall to publishu a parody of ‘gone with the wind’ called ‘the wind done gone’, which told the same story from the point of view of scarlett o’hara’s slaves, who were glad to be rid of her. awesome.
  • hamsters are mostly boring. EXCEPT SOMETIMES.
  • at one point in golden eye’s development, reloading your weapon was going to be triggered by removing and reinserting the N64 rumble pack as if you were actually reloading a weapon. I mean, neat idea, BUT HOW ANNOYING WOULD THAT HAVE BEEN.
  • I should start working out like this guy. much sexier.
  • oh. my. goodness. nick offerman without the moustache. spongebob aside, WOAH.
  • there was a british hitler sitcom called “heil honey, I’m home!” which featured adolf hitler, eva braun, and the jewish people next door. it….was cancelled after one episode.
  • a protester barricade in hong kong
  • scientists have confirmed that enceladus, one of saturn’s moons, has a watery ocean.
  • america’s first female self-made millionaire was a black woman.
  • last night there was an electromagnetic disturbance. didjya feel it?
  • childish gambino was given his name using a wu-tang name generator.
  • the potato chip was believed to have originated in 1853 when a chef had his fried potatoes sent back by an annoyed customer multiple times because the potatoes were “too thick”. becoming annoyed himself, he cut the potatoes razor thin almost sarcastically, and put extra salt on them. the customer loved it.
  • the western media on ebola….:(
  • a nice little quote to propel us forward today 🙂


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